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Product description

  • Excellent comfort & consistent, clear, stable vision all day(1,2)
  • Eyelid Stabilised Design (3) to realign your contact lenses with every blink.
  • Exclusive HydraLuxe™ Technology
  • Works with your natural tear film, to provide excellent performance on comfort, vision and handling, throughout your demanding days.(4,5)
  • Class 1 UV protection‡ -the highest level of UV protection available in a contact lens. 

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‡ All ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses have UV Blocking to help provide protection against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into the eye. UV absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV absorbing eyewear such as UV absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. You should continue to use UV absorbing eyewear as directed by your optician.